004 GuiXT window and editor


GuiXT window


View options

  • In the “View” Menu you can determine which windows you want displayed.

Start options

The GuiXT window can be started in three modes: “visible”, “minimized”, or “hidden”. You set the start mode in [GuiXT Profile;]

(GuiXT Profile) please click on the button


  • GuiXT uses MS Notepad as default script editor. The editor is invoked from GuiXT via Edit → Script, Edit → History, … or the buttons image image

Alternative Editor

Instead of Notepad, you can work with an editor of your choice . Call up the profile with
image and enter the program name of the editor you want to work with:

Tips &Tricks

  • You can copy the name of a screen element from the GuiXT “Screen Elements” window, by clicking on the desired element. Then you can paste the name in your script, avoiding typos.