011 RFC (Remote Function Call)

For several functions, GuiXT uses an RFC connection to the SAP System (Remote Function Call). In order to logon to the system, the RFC needs a user name and password. GuiXT uses the logon values stored in GuiXT profile. As a default, the GuiXT profile contains the user “SAPCPIC”. Since this user is often locked in productive systems, we suggest you create a special GuiXT RFC user with appropriate rights. For testing purposes, you can also fill in your own user name and password in GuiXT profile.

The following table contains the GuiXT actions that use an RFC connection, the name of the called function, the client in which the logon takes place, and the necessary user rights.

Instead of logging on to client 000, you can ensure via a profile option that GuiXT always uses the current client. This has the advantage that no RFC user has to be created in client 000. On the other hand, if you have numerous clients, you then have to create the RFC user in each client.

Creating an RFC user can be done in the SAP system with transactions SU01, SU02, SU03 . As an example below, we show how to create the necessary user rights for web repository access.

Below, we show how to create the necessary user rights for web repository access.

Tracing and testing in the SAP System

  • Transaction ST01: Checking user rights during RFC
  • Transaction ST05: RFCs
  • Program sapinfo in directory sapgui/rfcsdk/bin: Test of RFC connection parameters

Creating a user with the appropriate rights

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Figure 1: Start with transaction SU01
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Figure 2: Create a separate profile
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Figure 3: Grant rights for web repository access, according to the table above
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Figure 4: Display user rights