Materials Management with SAP S/4HANABusiness Processes and Configuration


Storage location

In real-world business scenarios, most clients prefer to have different storage locations
for different types of materials (e.g., raw material storage locations, semifinished
storage locations, finished goods storage locations, and scrap material storage
). Let’s consider a real-world example involving a leading pharmaceutical
manufacturing company. The company has created an expired goods storage location
apart from the storage locations for raw material, semifinished materials, finished
materials, and spare parts. As soon as a material’s shelf-life expiration date
(SLED) has been reached, the material is moved automatically, through a batch job,
from the finished goods storage location to the expiry goods storage location. Stock
in an expiry goods storage location is not considered for planning purposes, in other
words, not included in stock and demand planning.

Cross-Company Code/Corporate Group-Wide Purchasing Organization

In Customizing, you can assign a purchasing organization to a company code and
plant. In cross-company code purchasing organizations, you’ll need to assign purchasing
organizations to plants only. Don’t assign purchasing organizations to company