SAP PM Permits (Part2)

SAP PM Permits (Part2)

In this document we will discuss the Process Oriented Permit

Note: The below steps are applied on SAP ECC6.0 EHP6.0

1- Introduction

Process-Oriented Permit is assigned automatically to the Maintenance Order

e.g: when creating a maintenance order using an order type with an activity type , the permits are copied to the order and can influence the order release or completion (TECO) → (Depends On Your settings)

In our example we will create a permit that control the order release when creating an order with:

  • Order type: PMM1 and Activity Type: A02 0r A03

2- Steps :

2.1- Create two characteristics that represent (Order Type – Activity Type)

2.2- Assign the two characteristics to the permit class (PM_Permit)

2.3- Create the permit

2.1- Create Characteristics (T Code CT04)

  • Enter the Name of The Characteristics Then create button

  • Go To Addnl Data TAB & Enter The Table Name that contains the field (activity type) & The Field Name (Activity Type)

  • An information message appear

SAP PM Permits (Part2)_SAP文章_03

  • The Format of the field which is taken fro ABAP

  • Then Choose the Value Assignment

  • Single Value: only one value (For The Field) can be assigned to this characteristic.

  • Multiple Value: more than one value (For The Field) can be assigned to this characteristic.

  • Then Enter The Values Of the Activity Type

SAP PM Permits (Part2)_SAP文章_06

Then Repeat The previous Steps To create characteristic for the order type


2.2- Assign the two characteristics to the permit class (PM_Permit)

  • T Code : CL02

  • Put The Name of The Permit Class (PM_PERMIT) Then Change button

SAP PM Permits (Part2)_SAP文章_07

  • Go To The Char TAB to assign the two characteristics which are created above

SAP PM Permits (Part2)_SAP文章_08


2.3- Create the permit → T Code: IPMD

SAP PM Permits (Part2)_SAP文章_09

  • After filling the below fields press the button classification to assign the Value of the characteristic (Fields ) To the Permit

SAP PM Permits (Part2)_SAP文章_10

Note : The Relation Between The two characteristics is AND

Means when the values A02,or A03 (Multiple Assignment ) & PMM1 are entered in the order will prevent the order from release

Note: Below are the table and the fields related to the permit when creating characteristic(s)

  • The Table Name: CSEVPERMIT
Field Description
AUART Order Type
ILART Maintenance activity type
PRIOK Priority
IWERK Maintenance Planning Plant
INGPR Planner Group for Customer Service and Plant Maintenance
GEWRK Object ID of the Work Center
WARPL Maintenance Plan
WAPOS Maintenance item
PLKNZ Maintenance order planning indicator
TPLNR Functional Location
EQUNR Equipment Number
BAUTL Assembly
SERIALNR Serial Number
SERMAT Material Number
SWERK Maintenance plant
STORT Location of maintenance object
BEBER Plant section
PPSID Object ID of PP work center
KOKRS Controlling Area
PRCTR Profit Center
BUKRS Company Code
GSBER Business Area
ANLNR Main Asset Number
ANLUN Asset Subnumber
IKOSTEN Total(actual) maintenance costs
PKOSTEN Total plant maintenance costs (planned)
USER4 Total maintenance costs (estimated)
WAERS Currency Key


Note: Intervals in the characteristic values are written in the following format

Value1 – Value2 (from Value1 to Value2)
>Value1 (greater than Value1)
>=Value1 (greater than or equal to Value1)
<Value2 (less than Value2)
<=Value2 (less than or equal to Value2)
>Value1 – <Value2 (greater than Value1 and less than Value2)
Value1 – <Value2 (greater than or equal to Value1 and less than Value2)
>Value1 – Value2 (greater than Value1 and less than or equal to Value2)