2640692 - Error “USAGE ERROR: Not enough information for output or processing Exception of class” occurs regarding ADS


Following errors may occure in relation to ADS (Adobe Document Services):

  • ADS report FP_CHECK_DESTINATION_SERVICE returns error:
    USAGE ERROR: Not enough information for output or processing Exception of class
  • Function module HTTP_GET_URL2 returns COMMUNICATION_FAILURE with parameters
    LOCAL = 1
  • Function module TH_GET_VIRT_HOST_DATA does not return the hostname and port.


  • SAP NetWeaver
  • SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to transaction SE38


The configuration on instance HTTP service is incorrect or port is not active.


  1. Run transaction SMICM
  2. Expand Go to tab
  3. Open Service
  4. Check HTTP port number and correct it


Do customers require additional licenses to use SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe?

Other Terms

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, interactive forms, PDF technology, Adobe document services, ADS

Reason and Prerequisites

The interactive use of PDF forms may be subject to license under certain circumstances.


Using the tool Adobe LiveCycle Designer and the Adobe document services, and using pure print forms (not interactive) is part of the license of the relevant SAP solution (including SAP NetWeaver).

If the following three criteria apply to you, you must purchase an additional license from SAP for your SAP Interactive Forms:

  • You create templates for interactive forms.

  • You create your own customer-specific interactive form templates or change an interactive form template delivered by SAP by adding further interactive fields or changing the data binding of existing interactive fields to the back end.

(Such modifications are over and above cosmetic changes in form templates delivered by SAP such as adding your own logo or static texts, and are therefore subject to license.)

  • You use interactive forms in a production system , that is, end users fill in generated PDF forms during business operations.

Note that the additional license also affects interactive forms used by SAP partners (independent software vendors - ISV), who deliver these forms as part of their products developed on the SAP NetWeaver platform.

The license for SAP Interactive Forms is an official SAP license. The current price model is user-based, so the number of forms is irrelevant. External and internal users are counted. A user here is anyone who creates or changes an interactive form, so the form developer or the end user who enters data into the form, for example. Users who only open the rendered form for viewing and do not make any changes are not counted. If you have any questions and for further details, consult your contact person at your local SAP sales office.

For information about the license model for the cloud-based SAP Cloud Platform Forms by Adobe solution, see SAP Note 2219598.