Basis Tutorial Outline

Section 1- Introduction to Basis

  1. What is SAP BASIS? Complete Tutorial
  2. How to Download & Install SAP GUI (FrontEnd) for Windows
  3. What is SAP Instance & SAP SID?
  4. Sap R/3 Architecture Tutorial

Section 2- Clients

  1. What is Client? How to Create a New Client in SAP SCC4
  2. SAP Client Copy: Local, Remote, Import/Export
  3. How to Delete a Client in SAP SM50
  4. SU01: How to Create a New User in SAP
  5. How to Lock (SU01) & Unlock (SU10) a SAP User
  6. SAP RZ11: Parameter (login/fails_to_session_end) Limit Logon Attempts
  7. SAP USR40: How to set Password Restrictions

Section 3- Background Jobs

  1. SAP Background Job Processing SM36: Create, Schedule, Reschedule
  2. SAP SM37: How to Monitor a Background Job
  3. SAP RSBTCDEL2: How to Delete a Background Job
  4. SAP TMS (Transport Management System) Tutorial
  5. How to Configure STMS (SAP Transport Management System)
  6. SAP Routes & Layers: Step by Step Configuration
  7. What is SAP Transport Request? How to Import/Export TR

Section 4- Patch Administration

  1. Support Package & Stack Upgrade: SAP SPS
  2. Download & Upgrade SAP Kernel: Step by Step Tutorial
  3. SAP Monitoring & Performance Checks: Complete Tutorial with Tcodes
  4. What is OSS Notes? SAP SNOTE Tutorial
  5. Remote Function Call (RFC) in SAP Tutorial
  6. How to Configure & Test RFC Connection in SAP – SM59
  7. SAP IDOC Tutorial: Definition, Structure, Types, Format & Tables
  8. What is SAP LSMW? Steps to Migrate Data using LSMW