## Check tables E070 and E071 to find transports for SAP objects

Check tables E070 and E071 to find transports for SAP objects

To use a more direct approach, you can also have a look in the tables E070 and, more importantly, E071. Run transaction SE16 or SE16N and enter E071 as table, press F8 or click “Execute”. In the generated report, you can search for your object in the table fields OBJECT (type of object, such as PROG for a program) and OBJ_NAME (name of the SAP object you want to find). Run the report to generate a result and get a list of all transport requests that contain the specific object you are looking for.

First of all, please change the below-mentioned settings of the SE16(Data Browser) of SAP GUI.

Please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to SE16
  2. Enter the table name
  3. Go to settings → User Parameters
  4. Select the Data Browser tab (Already selected by default) & then make the changes shown in the screenshot below.

Click the radio button of ALV Grid Display & Field Label for showing the contents of the table in the ALV Grid format & with the labels of the field names.

The field name change is optional for the developers.

There are a few standard tables provided by SAP that stores these Requests/Tasks related information. (The tables mentioned in point 4 & 5 are not of much use to a functional/technical person in general.)The names of few & their descriptions are the followings:

  1. E070: Change & Transport System: Header of Requests/Tasks: If the Higher-Level Request column is empty, then the entry is for a TR else for a Task . You can filter the Requests/Tasks by Type , Status of Request/Tasks, etc.
  2. E07T: Change & Transport System: Short Texts for Requests/Tasks: This table is for only a short description of the Request/Task.
  3. E071: Change & Transport System: Object Entries of Requests/Tasks This table will provide you all the objects included in the requests/tasks. You can also get the status of the request/task from the status column.You can also filter the entries by the column: Obj. (Object Type)
  4. E070A: Change & Transport System: Attributes of a Request: This table is for fetching the request/task attributes.
  5. E070C: CTS: Source/Target Client of Requests/Tasks: This table is for the Source/Target Client.

Well, and not forget to mention table E071K which is my favourite table in transport requests :).

I think this table is the fastest way to find out if/when a certain customizing entry has been changed.
e.g. “when was the customizing for delivery type ZLF changed?” →

Additionally: E070CTV which is a view over E070, E07T and E070C